Hump day already…

The trouble with a short week is the confusion that reigns trying to plan the week, especially when it comes to clothes. I have a spare shirt in my work locker. Should I iron some more shirts to take in? How many socks are in the locker, as I forgot to check yesterday!

Anyway woke at 3.30 am and prepared myself for the new day. Having 2 1/2 hours to get ready and have breakfast is a bit of a luxury. I feel quite alright having about 4 hours sleep, and if I had my LifeTrak on it would show four hours of solid sleep, with hardly any movement! So that is my sleep patterns. Don’t know if it is the Lovan I am taking for PTSD but since changing to that from Avanza after putting on 45kg while on Avanza, I am more at ease with the lack of sleep.

When I changed over to Lovan, I was also put on blood pressure and diabetes medication and this guaranteed I would sleep for 8 hours, but I awoke feeling drowsy and like I had no sleep at all. At the moment, I wake full of energy and ready to take on the day. I usually start to flag about 4 pm but it is only an hour before knock off.

So the day was well on its way and BGL was 5.1 – back to normal. I have a strange feeling I am supposed to have my flu injection in the next couple of days. Must check the booking system when I get to work! Nice bowl of muesli and soy milk and a long black for breakfast. Can’t wait for this muesli to finish so I can get back on the oats as recommended by my dietitian.

Off to work and another day at the grindstone. This file I am working on is giving me a bit of grief as the end is difficult to fathom even after I have gained the information. Oh well just see plugging along. I noticed that a report I had finalised is not finalised at all.

Went out at lunch to buy some supplies. Came back with garlic and herb tuna, fruit salad and chobani yoghurt. With the vita-weets this will be a wholesome lunch. So I cut up my lemon and placed the lemon pieces in the diffuser. Been drinking this for a week and a half now, and had a coke zero on the weekend and it tasted awful.

While having my luck Mister Minit contacted me that my LifeTrak watch had been fixed, new battery and terminals cleaned. Note to self, don’t swim with this waterproof watch! So after lunch and before getting back to work, I went to Mister Minit and collected the watch and paid $30.00 for the battery replacement.

On return to work, dealt with new emails and continued on my file.

Then it was time to depart and head home. Got changed and walked to Roma Street Station. Caught the usual train and then the usual bus and got home 2 hours later.

Dinner tonight was spaghetti bolognese, which was crummy.

Caught up on other work and went to bed at 10.00pm.

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