Back at work..Short week again!

Well here it is Tuesday, and I am feeling out of sorts. BGL was 4.7, but lower than what seems to be normal for me. I have a sniffly nose, bit of a cough and some gastric problems.

Breakfast was muesli, and long black with my usual PTSD medication.

Once ready, trousers ironed, and bags packed, it was off to the bus. Lovely morning. I could be elsewhere today, but the need to earn drives me.

Once on the bus reflected on the long weekend and updated posts that were due to be published on Word Press.

On arrival at work, went and changed into my work clothes, then up to my desk.

Setting up the desk, starting up the computer and plugging in the devices, it was time to review the work done thus far and then progress on the next item.

The next thing I knew was Rahul asking for coffee, which was gratefully accepted. Another long black.

Working away, I dealt with emails and also firmed the date for the next trek in 2017. I also advised Charlotte of the Every Step Counts BVRT Charity Walk and that I was going to do the 100km.

Charlotte then emailed me that a person was looking at doing a trek and needed further advice. Will await for them to make contact.

At lunch I was feeling a tad hypo and a BGL test revealed 3.7, that was definitely below what is recommended , I went shopping for fruit and other items to soothe the feeling.

During lunch I noticed a Facebook entry from Sunshine Coast Regional Council with Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club nominated as hosting the Healthy Heart Bushwalk. So commenced a bit of a panic as I created a flyer, posted it WordPress, then cross over to Facebook, and comment the post with the recommended way to contact the club. This has lit Facebook.

After lunch it was back to work and deal with files.

After work, I walked to Roma Street Station and caught the train to my bus stop, and then bus to near home and a 1.4 km walk. Arrived home had dinner and then watched some TV plus handled emails etc.

Email received from Jeannie Ritchie as previously advised during the day. Will deal with this in the morning.

Went to bed at 10.00 pm.

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