Labour Day public holiday

Woke again at 3.00 am. Plenty of time to prepare for the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. meeting at 10.00am.

Worked on the agenda so much I was rushed to have breakfast, and I forgot to read BGL and the start of the month weigh-in. I hope we can cover all the issues that are outstanding!!

At 9.40 am, Andy arrived and picked me up. The next port of call was Narangba Station to pick up Desley. After collecting Desley it was off to John’s for the meeting.

Conducted the meeting and was finished in 2 hours. Not bad considering the length of the agenda. Desley could not provide a copy of minutes as I had omitted to send her the agenda for the previous meeting as a .docx format.

A few fundraising items were raised and concern that I was doing too much. The only drawback I have is raising the funds. I need to think outside the box, which I am good at and try other strategies. Perhaps a bushwalking navigation and treasure hunt, or other activity or goes based on bushwalking.

I could even have a cent auction (or should that be a dollar auction these days?).

Anyway, I am chuffed at the direction of Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and the support in achieving this direction.

After the meeting returned home and reviewed the meeting, and then went a lay down. I awoke at 6.00pm. I then had dinner and settled down for the night before going to bed at 11.00 pm. Tis is the last public holiday until October!

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