What a motley crew….

Awoke at 2.00am! Gave me time to find the equipment food and water I need for todays walk. Also packed spare clothes and my pack towel. It’s going to be a wet walk! Andy arrived at 7.30 and we set off. I was hoping that the rain would subside as we went inland, but, arriving at the Gantry Day Use Area, it was still raining. Luckily the Gantry, the crane of the old saw mill provided a vast shelter, as the paperwork was completed.

13 people arrived and headed out into the gloom. Initially the rain had subsided to a drizzle, but in a forest the drips from the trees made it feel like harder rain. The scenery was so different in the rain! Many times I had walked here the weather had been good walking weather. The walking track had been widened and made the walk all the more pleasant.

Upon arriving at Somerset Lookout, there was no view as it was whiteout! We were at the highest point of the walk with 6 km back to the start. All then decided that due to the weather, it would be better to eat back at the Gantry in the dry, instead of here.

On the way back passed through areas of banksia and leptospermum and a large waterhole that was so tranquil. Then it was back the Gantry Day Use area. The car park at this stage was packed and the rain had stopped so sat on a picnic table. Had lunch/late morning tea and then went and changed into dry clothes. Thats’ when I found two leech bites. Both at the top of my socks.

When I came out from getting changed the sun came out! That’d be right.

Went home and relaxed for the afternoon and created Instagram Accounts for both the club and Bushwalking Queensland Inc.

I then worked on the agenda for tomorrow’s BWQ meeting.

Going to bed at 10.00pm, I thought the 13 km walk would make me sleep longer!

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