On the prowl…

Woke up early, in a bath of sweat. Feeling dizzy, got sniffles. Check BGL and it is 3.0, that is low (I’m a poet and I don’t know it!). Need to bolster my usual breakfast as it normally stabilised the blood glucose. Honey sandwich should do the trick. Once I had recovered, headed into work, … Continue reading On the prowl…

24 years out….

Monday…here is the working week. As soon as I get into work I need to email Charlotte to meet to pick up the package. Today is the 24th Anniversary of my discharge from the Royal Australian Navy. Tomorrow is the 32nd anniversary of entering the Royal Australian Navy. And the first day…was a day off, … Continue reading 24 years out….

Walk day with #gavinswaterbottle

Woke at 4.00 am eager to get on this bushwalk, especially being the last one as part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s “Get Active” program and “Explore Moreton Bay” program. Did some study and then got ready. How much will I take? It will be sandy, so should I take my sandals as well … Continue reading Walk day with #gavinswaterbottle

Last Friday in May and for Autumn 2016

Woke to a warm morning. A change is on the way which will bring cooler temperatures. Today’s agenda is to explore reporting in SharePoint, compose the fundraising letter for the various bushwalking equipment retailers, finish off files, and go home for another awesome weekend. I might even fit in a lunchtime walk! This morning’s breakfast … Continue reading Last Friday in May and for Autumn 2016

Things are looking up!

Another early morning again and it is cold, well not cold enough to have to rug up, but the coldest morning so far this year. Poor Sue is still suffering. She can’t lie down too long before coughing gets her out of bed. Must remember today to contact Frontier Leadership about the course. Had the … Continue reading Things are looking up!

Great leap forward

Woke up feeling great. It is going to be a great day. It is after all 7 months to Christmas!! Then…notification from Translink that all train services are delayed 30 minutes through Eagle Junction. Well, get myself moving to get that 30 minutes up my sleeve. Caught the early bus and by he time the … Continue reading Great leap forward

The big Game day!

Woke at 4.00am and printed the outstanding documents. Now have registration forms, question sheets, donation sheet, answer sheet, maps to be sealed. Still needed to get pencils, stickers for the sealed maps, and tape to stick up signs. Will get them on the way in. Aspley has the 24 hour newsagent… Packed the car, had … Continue reading The big Game day!