Crunch time!

BGL was 5.3! Seems I go low when I am not well, as would be expected. Type 2 diabetes can be a hindrance, but if a pro-active approach is taken, the tables are turned. Now I just have to develop better planning to enhance my management of diabetes, based upon pro-active approaches. Into work for … Continue reading Crunch time!

The door opens wider…

Fairly good start to the day, except I needed to take my antibiotics…need to get the script filled first! Oh well, grabbed the two scripts and packed them to take them to work and deal with. After getting ready walked to the bus, then bus to train, train the city then walk to work and … Continue reading The door opens wider…

End of a chapter

Had a really good nights sleep…Feeling on top of the world. BGL was 5.3, returned to my normal! Had breakfast and collected backpack, #GavinsWaterBottle, boots, hat, Macbook, phone and headed off for Raven Street Reserve and Downfall Creek Environment Centre. #GavinsWaterBottle reporting …. We arrived at Raven Street Reserve at 7.30 am, so Gavin took … Continue reading End of a chapter

Sunrise with the water bottle

As I seemed to be up early anyway, this was not going to be a chore to see the sunrise of Mount Beerburrum. So I packed my breakfast gear, #GavinsWaterBottle, backpack and other sundry items, jumped into the car and drove to Mount Beerburrum, after picking up Andy. Nice quiet drive on the Bruce Highway, … Continue reading Sunrise with the water bottle

Stay at home day…

Woke at 1.00am and feeling really ill. Possibly it is due to the antibiotics taking action and the side effects. Watched TV for a while…what else was there to do…Facebook and Twitter was quiet….everyoine else must be in bed! As the sun came up I feeling of drowsiness overcame me…Off to bed for more zzzz’s. … Continue reading Stay at home day…

Another Tuesday… what else!

Usual Tuesday, up shower, breakfast, dressed and walk to bus stop. Catch the bus to the train and then run like hell to get the train. Translink should have a motto - “Keeping the customers in good running order”. My try and create a meme for it! On arrival at Central made my way out … Continue reading Another Tuesday… what else!

A very early morning escapade

Woke up at 2.00am with stomach cramps. Decided to go to the lounge room and watch a bit of television to let my innards settle down. As I arrived in the lounge room, there was fluttering. Shrek the budgerigar was out of his cage and God knows where he was. While looking around, a flash … Continue reading A very early morning escapade