And another long weekend…

Woke at 2.00am :{ Oh well, it is Saturday can go back to bed.

Worked on my QPCU nomination, planning for the walk to Somerset Trail tomorrow and watched MacGyver…gotta love that show.

Opened my study books and the first assignment is answering a series of questions. Piece of cake. After watching DrOz felt weary and went back to bed. Slept till 7.00am and then had breakfast (no oats – just bread and honey) Gawd, hope it doesn’t upset the good work I have been doing with my health!

Sue is heading off to visit her mum, and so I decided to go along as well (she has really good broadband!!!). It has been a while, like Christmas!! On the way in bought lunch at Subway and Maccas.

While there, Jason and Sharon and Chloe turned up. Jason took up his usual position spread out on the couch and had a nap. Sharon, Sue and I sat on the patio table and Stacey showed gave me a crash course on Instagram and Snapchat. I’m expanding my social media presence! Sharon then borrowed my phone to play with snapchat, and sent a series of photos to people.

Jason and Sharon then left and I worked on some projects, checked emails etc. At dinner time walked to the Red Rooster and then went back and gorged myself on a Tropicana pack. Then the mirth started and I did not realise how much the voices echoed of the apartment buildings where my mother-in-law lives. So after a while, got sick of taking from under my shirt and headed home.

It was a pleasant drive home, me in the passenger seat, and the the phone calls about tomorrow started. Good thing I am not driving. Upon reaching home, sat down and relaxed in preparation for bed. Then I realised I had no cereal for brekky, and the bread supply was low. So went to the servo and made some purchases and I was set for bed.

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