The end of a short week…

Well here is Friday…

BGL was 4.9…

I am feeling great even though I was awake at 2.30am! Like I said I give up…I last at work till 5 so no problem.  No oats in the cupboard..will have to substitute today!

Fairly quiet at work due to being a Friday. Received emails from Kristine that she sent Wednesday afternoon to complete by lunch time yesterday. Hmmm! Oh well, Carolyn will be getting these!

Had lunch with Rahul at Nando’s and had a meditteranean salad! Mmmm Mmmm!

That made the day. Also told Rahul about my thoughts and to not panic about the lack of staff.

Run of the mill for the rest of the day, except for delays on the trains getting home. Received an email from the BVRT Charity Walk organisers with mentioned attachments, but no attachments. Will have to send an email to discuss. Need to also address camping…could it be done on the BVRT as an overnight walk? Esk Caravan Park is the best option to use as a base anyway.

Completed the fundraising form, which I will send to Charlotte on Tuesday, to alert her of this venture and also to garner more support.

Nearly completed the nomination for QPCU. Need to find all the associated documents for this…the MOU, risk management plan for the Border Track Trek, and other related paperwork, and screen shot of fundraising.

Into bed after watching Exploration Unknown an archaeology show and very interesting!

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