More fundraising…

Awoke at 3.30am.

Bit better, bit wish I could sleep longer. At least its Thursday,one more night of this then I can sleep in on Saturday.

BGL this morning was 5.2, so at least everything is OK on that front.

Having purchased new walk shoes yesterday, put them on to go in to work. How comfy. Now my feet don’t hurt. Not going to buy that brand of shoe again!

Normal day at work, although Kristine invited me out for a coffee as it was her last day, and she was going to an exam later in the day and have tomorrow off. A pleasant morning tea and I hope Kristine gets out of her secondment everything she is hoping for.

The rest of the day was dealing with my files, as usual.

After lunch, a shower of rain came through, and the alert from Higgins Storm Chasers was for a wet weekend.

Finished the flyer for the walk on Sunday to Somerset Trail, and sent it on, then received an email from Moreton Bay Regional Council with more participants coming. Compiled all the email addresses and sent the details out to these people, plus Andy. I also let them know the walk would proceed regardless of prevailing weather as it is expected to be showers.

Received notification from Sam Rowe of her fundraising in Maroochy Botanic Gardens. Might attend myself. It is a treasure hunt after all.

Received some money for my fundraising and collected all my coins and went to the Commonwealth Bank and deposited it all into the credit card. I then transferred the same amount to the everyday hero.

Went home as usual and what a difference good comfy shoes make.

To bed at 10.30 pm…I give up trying to work out my routine!

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