Water Bottle Adventure

Woke at 2.30am. At least I will be ready for today’s walk! Packed my backpack and filled #GavinsWaterBottle for a seemingly arduous walk. It is planned to ascend 550 metres onto the D’Aguilar Range to a little known lookout – Kluvers Lookout.

Andy arrived at 7.30 and off we went to the meet point at Dayboro Cemetery, the dead centre of Dayboro.

I’ll now hand over to #GavinsWaterBottle….

Arrived at Dayboro Cemetery and Gavin greeted all then gave a briefing on the walk. 23 people attended, including a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Gavin did not seem concerned about this as his own daughter walked the length of Carnarvon Gorge as a 3 year old, and who is he to judge parents, leave them to their devices and trust them!

After formalities, it was in a car pool to the start of the walk on Wirth Road, Laceys Creek, an old dairy farming area, but not before taking a photo of a bush stone curlew (aka plains turkey aka bustard). Drove a short distance up the road to a large mown area bride the road, then was picked up by Gavin with his backpack, stool, and other items. The walk initially wandered along May Creek, with slight grades and some crossings. At the last crossing, the road then started its ascent to the crest of the D’Aguilar Range. This ascent, went through rainforest patches, but was mostly in dry sclerophyll forest and Gavin made a point of letting the group know this road was built by convicts as the first Esk Road. Quite spectacular road construction in this light, and good that national parks have this road closed off to keep it pristine.

Upon reaching the crest of the D’Aguilar Range, after about 5km, Range Road was met and we turned left to go 1.5 km further up to the lookout. Upon reaching the lookout, great views of the Moreton Bay Regional Council area, albeit a bit smoky. After an early lunch, it was a quick descent to the cars, taking half the time to ascend, not without the stop to view the goanna.

The walk totalled 14km and was great.

Back to Gavin

On the way back home stopped at the Dayboro Bakery for a drink and social. One group failed to arrive by the time we left, so went home and relaxed, did the washing and prepared for my studies, and started the next club newsletter.

At 9.30pm (again!!) became really weary so headed off to bed.

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