Spring clean (in Autumn!)

Spent the day going through cupboards and throwing out unwanted items. Thinking of having a garage sale and donate some of the proceeds to my Great Ocean Road Walk 2016. Found some old family photos and now have another chore to scan all these! Found a lovely photo of my eldest daughter having a bath while camping at the age of 3!

The sheds also need a good huck out!

Started the next newsletter for the club, and was wondering what to do about the camp. I am not going camping, but want to do the Somerset Trail as it is a walk advertised through Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Get Active program.

On Pinterest saw a single page Strategic Plan Chart. Just what I have been looking for. Now to adapt it for the organisations I am involved in.

So that is out for a day indoors and out in the shed!

Bed at 9.30pm as I was falling asleep in the chair.

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