On an even keel…

Awake at 3.00am! Maybe I should get ready for an early day at work, or even go for an early walk. BGL was 5.0 so tracking well! Last day of taking antibiotics from this recent infection. Must remember to go and get the coronary calcium check next week.

Email from Charlotte about the trek in 2017. Check the calendar and due to Easter, Anzac Day, and Labour Day jammed together in 2017, and for consistency chose March 18-19. Also passed to Charlotte a proposed location pending identification of other suitable venues, being the Noosa Trail Network. Need to review the Border Track Trek and determine specifications for the next trek, to ensure maximum benefit to both Diabetes Queensland and Bushwalking Queensland.

Fairly quiet day at work, just updating data on the new system based on Sharepoint.
Friday lunch with Rahul at Jackpot. Sizzling pepper steak and fried onion with rice and a “Blue Moon”. Then had the after lunch walk and went to JB HiFi as well.

Received confirmation from college to commence the next unit and to return to the current unit when the new resources have updated. So onto operational planning. This is what I need to enhance my role as President and Vice-President in the various organisations I belong. A few issues need to be dealt with and due to the lack of resources are tending t drag on.

Headed home early and prepared for the weekend.

Bed at 9.30 pm.

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