Breaking up is hard to do…

Don’t know what it is, but to be fully awake at 3.00am after going to bed at 10.00pm! Oh well, need to finalise some things at home while the internet is all mine!

Had breakfast as usual, and off to work. In the train, i realised I had not taken my Lovan. Oh well it’s only for the day, just have to remember tomorrow, otherwise I will start to get anxious.

At work felt concern that I would not have the assignment completed in time. I went online and the course to which I had been transferred had not been effected and the list of un-submitted assignments was huge! Then I looked at the list and none of the units were as per my study plan. So I rang the institution and they apologised for the inconvenience as they had not realised that the course had been changed. They said to give them till lunch and call them back if there was still problems.

Then went to a send-off morning tea where we said good bye to one team member who is going to the Australian Tax Office, and the other who has been seconded to another area of Qld Treasury.

Then it was back to work and hopefully can get something done. This was not happening as I discovered problems with our system which should have been addressed in the initial design looks like coming to bite us back. Oh well, at least I only have to report it up the chain when I have all the evidence.

Received a missed call from my institution, rang them back and no answer, will try again tomorrow.

Had lunch and continued on the work till 4.00pm when I went and changed and then collected up my belongings, turned off my computer and headed off to the send-off party for my supervisor, who is seconded to another area of Treasury. The party was at the Next Hotel Pool Deck, a lovely venue.

After much mirth and merriment with a couple of beers, it was time to head home. I’ll have to get Sue to pick me up from the station though!

Had a lovely dinner and then off to bed at 10.00 pm. What time will I awake in the morning? With that thought, passed out!

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