Crunch time!

BGL was 5.3! Seems I go low when I am not well, as would be expected. Type 2 diabetes can be a hindrance, but if a pro-active approach is taken, the tables are turned. Now I just have to develop better planning to enhance my management of diabetes, based upon pro-active approaches.

Into work for another day! At least it is hump day, and I am eager to complete things. When I got in I had my Inner Health Plus and after about an hour myBGL was 4.3. Thought I was feeling a little off. A few cranberries, sultanas and nuts and I was right as rain. Made up my lemon water and really picked me up!

Completed two files and nearly completed a third except problems with our own system was identified. Need to sort that out tomorrow!

I was sent off after lunch to purchase afternoon tea to welcome our new director. I collected more money than I sent so I put it in the Diabetes Queensland collection box as a donation. That could be going along better, but I feel the challenge is too far away for people to be really concerned about donating. Oh well, plod along.

I haven’t planned any walks for fundraising this weekend. I have a club walk to Kluvers Lookout on Sunday, and its Anzac Day on Monday, so those days are out! Need to see what Sue is planning on doing on Saturday. I feel it is time to go and do Moggill Regional Park as it has good hills and determine if it is suitable for a challenge trek.

Without a watch, I nearly lost time to leave work and catch a reasonable train, especially taking all the leftovers home. Luckily, I have time up my sleeve if I catch the train from Central.

Uneventful trip and a lazy night at home, except to work on my assignment.

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