The door opens wider…

Fairly good start to the day, except I needed to take my antibiotics…need to get the script filled first! Oh well, grabbed the two scripts and packed them to take them to work and deal with. After getting ready walked to the bus, then bus to train, train the city then walk to work and get changed. Got to work at 7.34 according to my LifeTrak. Hang on that was the time I caught the train! It needs a new battery. Need to Google the watch in case there are other problems before taking that step.

Picked up from yesterday and also finalised a couple of other files.

Felt really chuffed that people I talk to are heeding my advice when it comes to diabetes, so I feel I am getting a lot back for the work I am doing. Have I found a new calling?
At lunch finally remembered to check Google about the LifeTrak and wouldn’t you know it…nothing. Presume it is the battery. Will deal with later.

Went to the chemist and put the two scripts in, and the pharmacist suggested getting Inner Health Plus to aid in recovery from the antibiotics. So I followed that advice and then purchased a bunch of lemons and a diffuser water bottle. Went back to work.

Later that afternoon, an email from Charlotte that she had been to a meeting with a gym and they were interested in hosting a fundraising walk and needed information about doing such an event. I offered the services of Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and am now awaiting the response from the insurer as to whether the insurance will cover this type of event, and what issues they have if there are difficulties.

Contacted by my learning provider to see how I was travelling for my assessments. Oh crap their due on Thursday. Will get together the material and deal with it during Wednesday and Thursday to submit Thursday night.

Due to the stuffed watch, nearly missed out on leaving work, but made an earlier train anyway. Now to wonder if I get the earlier bus.

Arrived home to another quiet night and left to pondering if the opportunity presented today was worth pursuing and if a deeper relationship could be forged. Could the gym provide members with an outlet if they wish to get further exercise in an environment outside the gym? I can’t see why not. Next BWQ committee meeting I will bring this up, long with the formal report of the Border Track Trek.

Bed time with a head full of thoughts. Gonna sleep well tonight!

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