End of a chapter

Had a really good nights sleep…Feeling on top of the world.

BGL was 5.3, returned to my normal!

Had breakfast and collected backpack, #GavinsWaterBottle, boots, hat, Macbook, phone and headed off for Raven Street Reserve and Downfall Creek Environment Centre.


#GavinsWaterBottle reporting ….

We arrived at Raven Street Reserve at 7.30 am, so Gavin took me, the macbook, and his boots and socks to one of the picnic shelters. Gavin opened his macbook and checked facebook, twitter etc. for signs of attendees for todays fundraiser.

At 8.00 am we were off. Gavin seemed to not have a plan in mind, but then he decided to see how far it is to walk every track in this reserve, and perhaps go over Milne Hill for variety. First entered the Senses Trail, on concrete with marked features and went around to the viewing platform. From the viewing platform crossed over onto the Banksia track which is bitumen and followed it to the junction with bikeway, a concrete path. Turned left and followed this track out to Raven Street.

The map showed a parallel track – the Casuarina Track, but here was not even a vestige of this track.

Returned to the previous intersection to a sign marking the Banksia Track and walked to the next Banksia Track sign and a foot track off to the right. Followed this track across to Xanthorrhea track and then walked out to Federation Street. Came back to the Xanthorrhea track and turned right and walked to the next intersection.

At this intersection another track led to another entrance on Federation Street. Returned to the intersection and then walked a short distance to a sign with Hamilton Road and Fire Trail. Followed this graded track out to the Hamilton Road gate which is locked, and used to be the exit point from the reserve. Returned to the Banksia track and after a short distance turned right to another track to Raven Street.

Just before reaching Raven Street, turned right to go uphill and followed the eroded grade track to Hamilton Road and the green bridge. Crossed over Hamilton Road and turned right onto a bitumen road servicing the Milne Hill Water Reservoir. Walked up and turned left at the reservoir and then took a foot pad up the hill with disturbed concrete steps to the summit of Milne Hill. Went over the summit and followed the steps downhill and then a coup of switchbacks to a track around the lower part of the hill. Turned right and followed this track as it contoured around Milne Hill with a number of brush turkeys. The track came back out to the road leading to the reservoir and so was followed back over the green bridge and retraced the steps to the Banksia Track.

Turned right and regained the cross bush track back to the Xanthorrhea track. Upon reaching this track turned right and followed the track to the next intersection. Turning left this was a concrete bikeway leading out to Federation Street. As the track neared the entrance, squawking was heard. Fruit bats. Cant miss them. A colony of a couple of hundred bats in a number of gum trees.

Returned to the Creek track and turned left to follow Downfall Creek back to Xanthorrhea track. For completeness turned right and followed Xanthorrhea Track to the intersection out to Federation Street. Retarced the steps the the Creek Track and kept going till reaching the Senses Trail, turning left at the junction of the bike track with the Banksia Track. then walks around the rest of the Senses Trail.

Total distance walked 6.8 km.

Over to Gavin…

Returned home via shopping at McDowall Drakes IGA, had such and then found everything associated with the Deception By Girl Guides. Packed it all in the car and went to the hut. A new Secretary had been voted in and I handed over to him. Thy hadn’t filled the President/ Vice-President roles but were looking at being a District Support Team.

Peter mentioned about a men’s camp at Booloumba Creek and I said I would be in it!

Returned home and a great weight off my shoulders. What a relief! Two years of hard work had paid off! The Support Group had been well set up!

When I returned home started to sort out the office. Then tackled emails etc. as I readied myself for what will be thrown at me next!

Had dinner watched a bit of TV then hit the bed. Got to get these two assignments happening!

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