Sunrise with the water bottle

As I seemed to be up early anyway, this was not going to be a chore to see the sunrise of Mount Beerburrum. So I packed my breakfast gear, #GavinsWaterBottle, backpack and other sundry items, jumped into the car and drove to Mount Beerburrum, after picking up Andy.

Nice quiet drive on the Bruce Highway, wish it was like this all the time.
Arrived at Mount Beerburrum at 5.00am, just as the sky was lightening. Hope we get to the top in time.

#GavinsWaterBottle – correspondent

Hey we’re off on another adventure! Bit early, I was snug inside the water bottle carrier, when Gavin picked me up and filled me, before clipping my cover to his backpack. We were then taken down to the car and after a short drive, joined by Andy, Gavin’s bestie and partner in crime when it comes to bushwalking matters.

The we were off to Mount Beerburrum. After a short drive we arrived in the dark at the car park on Mount Beerburrum. After getting out of the car and getting his gear together, with me hanging off Gavin’s right shoulder, it time to set off.

The walk was on a concrete track which was fairly steep in sections, but in the dark, was difficult to see the gradient. Once on top, twilight was giving way to the clouds changing colour from grey to orange. A large rain cloud was sitting off the coast, with the potential of shutting out the sunrise.

We climbed to the platform of the fire tower and waited. Gavin was taking a series of shots as the dawn strengthened. Mount Tibrogargan, Mount Ngungun, Mount Conowrin and Mount Beerwah gradually appeared out of the mist and took firm shapes as the light increased. Due to the rain cloud, Gavin could not get the first rays of sunlight on the mountains, but the overall spectacle was great. At least tis time of year it is not too cold standing there. The land breeze tried to remove Gavin, though, as it cut into Gavin like a hot knife into butter, he was determined to get that photo!

Once the sun was up enough, we descended the mountain and got in the car and went home, dropping off Andy on the way. Another adventure done!
Gavin now….

I had breakfast at home and BGL was 4.5…Not bad after a 1.7 km steep walk.
After breakfast and a bit of news dived back into bed.

Was awoken at 10.25 am with Sue saying, “Sorry Mum, I slept in!” and with that Sue got ready with Stacey and Gemma and off they went to Sue’s mother’s place at Mount Gravatt East. That left me with Lauren, who was not looking good at all.

Spent the day recovering, as the walk did me good, but some niggling aches came back, a result of this infection. Oh well! Soldier On!!

Pondered for the rest of the day, as where I would like to take Bushwalking Queensland Inc. due to recent events. The positioning of Bushwalking Queensland Inc. may need changes, with being more aligned with other peak bodies in providing such things as training, introductory walks, fundraising treks and the like to take the pressure off clubs and the fact that FMR Inc. provides real specialist training. By doing this BWQ could create a core of volunteers on which to rely to provide such services.

Need to speak with our insurer and review the rules to ensure all this is feasible.

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