Stay at home day…

Woke at 1.00am and feeling really ill. Possibly it is due to the antibiotics taking action and the side effects.

Watched TV for a while…what else was there to do…Facebook and Twitter was quiet….everyoine else must be in bed!

As the sun came up I feeling of drowsiness overcame me…Off to bed for more zzzz’s. Woke again at 8.00 am just as the family departed out the door for the usual school run. Lauren was staying home as she had my symptoms. Had breakfast and BGL was 4.2. Must watch this during the day!

Rest of the day was mixed with sleep, get on the computer and plan some sinister things. having seen a couple of bushwalkers remark where they practice for the Kokoda Track, gave me an idea about holding the same challenge as a fundraiser for me. The Goat Track in the Samford Valley is ideal, a climb of about 500 metres over about 2.5 km! Will I let just walkers in or allow bike riding as well?

Put the plan on Facebook and received positive feedback. This is my idea of fundraising as it feeds my passion and I will also willingly participate in!

I just don’t know if I have picked the right date for it…8th May is in Heart Week, so is it appropriate to be fundraising for Diabetes Queensland when everyone else is out for Heart Week. The next day the club is hosting a Heart Week walk on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, so don’t want to produce a conflict of interest!

On another note, received an email from the Leukaemia Foundation about the 5 for 55 challenge on the Conondale Great Walk over 2 days. Registration is $200 and fundraising target is $555. Think I’ll put all my eggs into the Great Ocean Road Walk 2016.

Also due to the fact of not being in town at work today, needed to make up for the fundraising walk. Sunrise on Mount Beerburrum, now there’s a thought. Contacted Andy and he is keen! Posted to Facebook and got some interest.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Turned in at 10.00pm.

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