The doctor coincidence

Today with a BGL of 4.1 and after a restless night, I was off to the doctor.

Lauren was to going to school either as she had gastric and sneezing. Must be what I have come down with too!

At 11.00 departed for the doctor. Arrived at the surgery and I don’t have my wallet on me. Head back home and collect my wallet and go back to the surgery. Made it in time!

While waiting for the doctor, one of my workmates, who had just moved into the area, came out of my doctors room. Will have to see her when i get back to work – how dare she see my doctor!

So I get in and see my doctor. Describe my symptoms and get sent off for ECG. Result comes back that in 30% of cases heart problems are detected through the ECG. I am good so far (70% chance of being good!). The doctor thinks I have a throat and chest infection, but due to being 52 and diabetic…need to have a coronary calcium check. This check gives an indication of the amount of calcium in the coronary artery, and the chance of heart attack.

So I depart with a fistful of paperwork, two prescriptions, one for antibiotics (amoxycillin), one for the usual Lovan, referral for the calcium check, medical certificate and receipts for the payments of consultation and ECG.

Then it was off to the pharmacy to collect the antibiotics, pay some bills for the Girl Guides, do some shopping and go home. Took the first antibiotic and had lunch and BGL was 3.8. Need to eat!

Rest of day spent between bed and lounge as the chest pain was unsettling.Chance to review the next couple of days.

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