Waste of a Wednesday

Woke early with stomach cramps.

BGL was 4.2…OK but might be low by lunch.

Bit of a sore upper chest, and stuffy in the head. Oh well, go to work and see if it goes away.

Made it to work, but as the day progressed the symptoms got worse. By lunch I had had enough so went to see my Manager about going home. He said I didn’t look too good…if only he could see it from my side! Got onto my GP4ME app and booked an appointment with my doctor. 11.20 am Thursday. Informed my manager and left.

Changed and walked to Roma Street Station and arrived home just after 2.30pm and started to feel nauseous.  Can’t wait to see the doctor!

Then I went to bed and surprised my daughters when they came home to an open house!

That night was uncomfortable with the chest pain, nauseousness, headaches and tight throat…the glands had swollen, too! Should have gone to Girl Guides Support group AGM, but no way. Sue went and came back and reported that the President and Treasurer had been filled. Looks like I’ve got to continue on as secretary for a bit longer!

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