Another Tuesday… what else!

Usual Tuesday, up shower, breakfast, dressed and walk to bus stop. Catch the bus to the train and then run like hell to get the train. Translink should have a motto – “Keeping the customers in good running order”. My try and create a meme for it!

On arrival at Central made my way out through the Sofitel entrance under Ann Street and out onto Anzac Square and Post Office Square. Message from Jamie…need coffee as soon as I get in…I am in for another good day!

So get in go to my locker, change into the work clothes and go upstairs to my desk. Might try the stairs again one day, fourteen floors is certainly good exercise.

Once I get my computer and its stand out of the drawer, start it up and settle in, its time for COFFEE. Jamie is ready to go to Asana with me. Long black here I come!

Back at work and time to address these outstanding files. Getting bogged down in one going nowhere, but I need to check that they will be going nowhere, that’s what bogs it down! The first fie attended to could go either way, so I sent it for review, and will discuss it later. The second file, definitely needs no further action – goodbye. The third one and last one for the day, easily spotted that something is not right. Needs to have further investigation. so off for review and hope Kristine agrees with me.

Email from Charlotte about everyday hero and an email about Bushwalking Queensland listed on the Great Ocean Road Walk page. Sent back that I had fixed that, but at times the everyday hero page does funny things. Probably with the traffic on it the updates get lost until a quiet time the system. Charlotte also gave me a few ideas and also let her know of ideas I had.

During this work had a brief break to go shopping to supplement my lunch – multigrain slices and sweet chilli tuna. Need a drink for the chilli, water does not cut it! Also bought apples and energy mix and fruit and nut mix.

So back at work and work on my files while munching on lunch.

An email was received from John Marshall regarding Mount Cooroy and I said that I would look into the issue of it being closed.

So knocked off work, got changed, and walked to Roma Street. Got the 5.23 Nambour train and relaxed. On arrival at Narangba changed to the bus home and then did my 1000th workout on MapMyWalk to walk home.

Tried to contact Karen Ward but left a message…potential for a new club to join Bushwalking Queensland.

That’s it for today.

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