A very early morning escapade

Woke up at 2.00am with stomach cramps. Decided to go to the lounge room and watch a bit of television to let my innards settle down. As I arrived in the lounge room, there was fluttering. Shrek the budgerigar was out of his cage and God knows where he was. While looking around, a flash of blue and green went past me and then circled me. Shrek was losing height fast, a number of attempts to grab him out of the air failed and Shrek disappeared into a cupboard. I tried to get him out of the cupboard but he launched himself again, but this time I followed him and placed my hand under him and he grabbed my finger. I then took him back to his cage, and he quickly went to his swing perch. It took a bit of time, however as he settled down and went to sleep. I suppose he was a bit wary after that escapade.

I then went back to bed, and later had breakfast of my usual oats and soy milk and to a BGL of 5.0. Everything is great for the start of the new working week and a new school term.
Having had a few people over the weekend express their desire to donate to me for the Great Ocean Road Walk 2016, will need to monitor Everyday Hero. I also need to BPAY $15.00 in cash collected so far.

I am thinking of composing a letter to each of the State bushwalking federations, to distribute to their respective clubs, regarding the fundraising by Sam Rowe and myself and also inform of the success with the Border Track Trek 2016. All I have done to date is post to Facebook.

I have also had brought to my attention that over in England, money is raised for the shorebirds by having a Bird Race. Need to investigate this as a fundraiser. I am also considering having a fundraiser walk in Moggill Conservation Park, along with the ones I have programmed.

The fundraising is going as planned. March and April being the initialisation to get the awareness about the fundraising around the network. May and June is the proper fundraising with the more difficult challenges available. July and August are then the catch up months to make up for lost fundraising.

It was a usual day at work, with my mind gradually turning to the Girl Guides AGM. Is everything ready? Good question. At the moment I have bigger fish to fry.

Went home and on arrival at home received another inquiry from a group looking at becoming affiliated with Bushwalking Queensland Inc. I must be doing something right.
Must send Marge Henry the latest BA insurance report. I do not want to talk to Tom Cowlishaw as I am aware of his agenda and it will be totally unproductive to involve him.
Also received confirmation of my new study plan for my Diploma in Leadership and Management. Now have a week and a half to complete the current unit. Might send an email to confirm that I delayed study while that was being sorted out in case the unit was discontinued.

Then it was bed…

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