#GavinsWaterBottle Adventure day 2

Gavin was awake at 2.30am. What is he apprehensive about? Is it the expected visitors? Did he go to bed too early? I am sure it will be revealed at some stage. Gavin weighed himself as he noticed his pants starting to fall off him. 100.3 kg – 8 kg less than his weight at Easter! Well done Gavin…the adventures are doing you good!

Gavin packed all the gear he wanted for this adventure at North Pine Dam. All he had to do was wait for Andy. Eventually Andy arrived and off we went on our adventure which is per the walk report at https://glasshousebw.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/north-pine-dam-walk-report

Gavin and Andy then went out to Dayboro and to check the start of the next walk to Kluvers Lookout. The cars are intended to park along Wirth Road, and a large grassy area was found to be ideal with the road having been upgraded and new concrete floodways. Gavin took a photo to send around..

Back home and it was time to repack everything and put away those things not needed till the next adventure, and also collect the items to put in the “commuter bag” and the “fundraising bags”.

Later that night Gavin ironed his clothes for the week and went to bed.

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