#GavinsWaterBottle Adventure

Gavin woke up early for a Saturday morning. But then as he was getting ready, he included me in the packing. Going on another adventure!

Left home at 6.30 and arrived at the Pergola on Elliott Street, Caboolture to meet a group of about 12 people. Walked down the path to the main lake then went towards the Caboolture River. Walked  along the river to a suspension bridge crossed the river and then followed the path on a large circuit back to the bridge. Crossed back over the Caboolture River then headed to the netball courts and had a look at the extensive mural painted on the building. Then went through the rainforest section with gullies, waterfalls, palm groves back to the pergola.

Gavin then said his good-byes and asked those bushwalking club members who was going to be at the walk the next day. Another adventure!

Gavin drove to Beerburrum Train Station and meet some members of Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland. After greeting all, Gavin then drove to Beerwah State School. From there the walk travelled down Old Gympie Road towards Glasshouse Mountains, until the national park boundary road was found. Entering the national park, the walk followed a foot pad to a fire management trail. A short walk along this led to a foot pad off to the right. Followed this footpad till it petered out. Then Gavin spotted the familiar rock outcrop and headed for it passing through casuarina and gum trees. Upon climbing over the top of the rock outcrop the proper track was found and followed.

This track ascended to the western peak on a gradual climb, but steady, sapping the energy. On top there was a large open rock slab with views over all the Glass House Mountains. After group photos, selfies and the like, a discussion ensued as to whether to traverse over to the eastern peak. Seeing the route down into the gorge and the track going up to the peak, it was decided to abandon this idea, and so we descended the track we had come up, to the fire management trail and then turned right to continue along the fire management trail to Carnarvon Drive.

A left turn was made at Carnarvon Drive and followed to the cul-de-sac and a bicycle track. This track connected to Tower Lane which descended to a lovely patch of rainforest before meeting Kilcoy-Beerwah Road. This road was crossed to the footpath along the Beerwah State School and returned to the cars.  Gavin managed to get some donations after this walk. All is good.

Gavin then went home and grabbed lunch, got changed and then we went out to the Deception Bay Conservation Park for Bushcare. This time, it was go through the whole area and remove any exotics and weeds from among the plantings. Gavin found a photo from February 2015, and what a change has been made!

After an hour and a half of weeding, it was time go home, via the shops for the usual supplies.

Once home Gavin then put me away ready for the next day, had dinner, watched a bit of TV then went to bed early as he looked wrecked!!

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