Another Friday in the Brisbane CBD

BGL this morning was 5.1.

Usual morning for a work day. Get to work and sort out my day. Had a file that needed to be dealt with and as I had asked for related documents to be emailed to me during the day yesterday, they finally arrived in my inbox this morning. Would have been quicker to print and give me the files!

The morning moved quickly and before I knew it it was time to change and go on the Brisbane CBD lunchtime walk fundraiser. My BGL was 4.3 at this stage. Again after the numbers of interested parties, it was reduced to one other coming on the walk. But it is still school holidays nd going by the numbers on the train, I can live with the lack of numbers.

Anyway, I was in for a walk and #GavinsWaterBottle is always in for an adventure. Walking along Southbank, it had been done up in preparation for Buddhas Birthday. Desley, who was walking with me and a volunteer at the Qld Maritime Museum noted a new sign had been put up at the entrance of the Qld Maritime Museum. Desley grabbed a few people including myself to take a photo of the entrance.

Hope Diabetes Queensland is happy with the publicity!

Finished the walk after 3.66 km and 46 minutes at Brisbane Square, where we started and i made my way back to work and a meeting about the new system we are using.
After the meeting, I turned my mind to what could be completed for the week or prepare for Monday. I also went through my program for the weekend and remembered to save the BPay details for Everyday Hero, so I can transfer the cash as its collected in a timely manner.

The program for me this weekend is to take #GavinsWaterBottle on a couple of adventures – Centenary Lakes at Caboolture with the Wy Wurry walkers, Mt Coochin in the Glass House Mountains with Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland, Bushcare at Deception Bay Conservation Park, and walk at North Pine Dam.

Went home and had a quiet night.

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