“Some days are diamonds, some days are stone”

BGL this morning was 5.7.  Another good day with a great feeling. Need to get this assignment happening! Just got to knuckle down and do it. I have all the information to progress it just need to put it on paper (figuratively speaking, of course!). Had nearly 6 hours sleep, best in a long time!

Have to make a decision today! I have my “Diabetes Qld Fundraising Backpack” and I am trying to determine whether to leave it at work during the week, and cart it in on Mondays with my clothes for the week, and then bring it home on Fridays ready for my weekend activities, and other stuff from the week that needs to come home.

The day started out quite well, with files on hand being progressed quite well, I am back in rhythm. Well until the next complex file crosses my desk. I have something like 50 files to progress, but some of them can’t really be dealt with until the circumstances are right.

Been a week since leaving the stuff on the train. I must now write off that stuff. Oh well! won’t forget it again! (Famous last words!!)

Had a nice sizzling Mongolian beef lunch at Jackpot with Rahul. Quite a satisfying meal and the extra chilli helped me shake the last of the cold.

I received two money collection boxes from @DiabetesQld, and now to dress up an area with flyers etc. outside my pod so passers-by can throw their hard-earned into it. Will take a photo of this set up and email to Charlotte. I also ensured the lunch-time walk for tomorrow is set up on Facebook, due to the fact I have been summonsed to a meeting at 1.30 pm! What happened to the no meetings till after 2.00pm?!

During the afternoon, received an email from my father with news about my mother. Seems the doctors have resigned themselves to Mum having Lewy Body Dementia, and will begin a course of medication that will slow down its progress. The tone in the email showed the emotions Dad is going through as he comes to terms with this news. Now I and my two brothers and our families must also address this news.

When I left work, and caught my train at Central Station, I started to reflect on the days news, put up a Facebook post, and worked on other things to occupy my mind. This worked well until I arrived at home, after visiting WTF (“Want The Food”) for fish and chips. Luckily I was pulled aside by Sue as I got really aggressive. I sat down, calmed down, had dinner and was right.

The new series of “GoggleBox” started and that hour of mirth and interesting remarks really helped. “Modern Family” prior to this was a great lead-in with its light humour as well.

I had returned to my usual frame of mind and went to bed.

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