Could it get any better than this?

After a BGL of 5.3, breakfast and a shower headed off to the bus for work. As I was going along the waterfront, how idyllic! Made it such a pleasure to be heading into work.
Took this photo and sent it off on social media.

At work another usual day.

Made contact with Moreton Bay Regional Council about the walk on Sunday to confirm that the attendee list had been received. Looking forward to Sunday!

Hey its the 6th April – my baby girl’s 12th birthday. My how they’ve grown!!! High school next year.

SMS from Sue – sick with the cold! Ha!

Lunch was at Bavarian Bier Cafe where I had a Big Schutz burger, fries and a lemon beer. Gotta love those Germans! The lunch was to welcome our new manager, and my work colleague for the last 6 years, Rahul. Congratulations, mate!

Over the years, I have had a vision for the team, and division in which I work and how the organisation should be handling intelligence and compliance. I put in many reports and memos which seemed to go nowhere! My agenda looks like coming to fruition! Happy days!

Went to the post box in anticipation of the donation box from Diabetes Queensland, but not there. Insurance questionnaire from a member club was picked up, which I scanned at work and forwarded to the Treasurer for his action.

More work at the coal face and then it was time to go home.

Another lazy night at home but a bit teary watching “Lost Families”, but made me content in the fact that I come from, and have, a strong family. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then off to bed.

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