Gavin’s Water Bottle’s revenge

Started the day at 2.00 am due to the amount of sleep gained the day before. Oh well gives me time to get ready for the work day!

Breakfast BGL was 5.5 – good.

Left home at 6.40 am and walked to the bus as usual. Rode the bus to Narangba station, then the train the Central Station. While walking from Central Station, extricated my ID card and keys from my man bag which had tangled up with a few other items.

Get to work, go to my locker, no keys, UGH!!! I think they dropped off while getting them out of my bag going through the Wintergarden! High-tail it out of the building and make a bee-line for the Wintergarden. While walking through checked the floor. NO SIGN.

Decided to walk my exact tracks and then I noticed a security guard with my keys! LUCKY ME!

The list of losing items is getting longer but this time a good recovery!

So at work for another usual day.

Lunch BGL – 4.1 – and feeling hypo as well! Need food. Not much money to spend. At least I have my “7-11” drawer!

Rest of the day was quiet, although had to get home due to Sue having taken Gemma to Amplify Concert at Dreamworld and will wait for it to finish before returning home. Stacey and Lauren are at home and probably eager for me to get home.

Received the list of attendees for the bushwalk on Sunday and emailed them a greeting. Looks like a good crew. Created a contacts group “MBRC Visitors” to ensure if they make contact I am aware of who they are. Also invited them to join the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Facebook group. Andy was sent the list.

Then I grew really tired so went to bed.

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