Still suffering….

Woke at 1.00am and went to read Facebook and the iPhone had an alert to update to 9.3.1. Broadband good now so decided to go ahead with it, I was wide awake. During the installation, asked if I wanted the second level authentication, and thought why not! Going through the procedure, it required me to allow the phone to connect with the macbook. The authentication code was sent and i couldn’t find it! After mucking around for an hour worked out that the message had been sent via SMS which the phone wold not display till the upgrade was completed. So I had to back pedal and not have the second level authentication and the installation finished and there was the authentication code! Oh well will explore having this authentication feature installed. The upside was my AppleID password was updated…

Finally, I was so wide awake, decided to stay up and iron my clothes and take cold and flu medication.

Went back to bed and passed out to wake at 6.30 am. Feeling dizzy, stomach cramps, runny nose, streaming eyes, sneezing and coughing, was not going to work in this state. Concerned that I had burned up my sick leave, but i would be turned away at work even if I did turn up.

Had breakfast and BGL was 4.5, a bit lower than normal, but to be expected while racked with an infection. After large showers of rain during the night went and tarped up the van…no fun in strong south-easterly winds!

Spent the rest of the day between sleeping, doing an assignment, and other things. But it was a real chore.

BGL prior to lunch was 5.1 so that was good. Had turkey breast on multigrain bread for lunch in lieu of my usual tuna.

Then went back to bed and slept for about two hours.

Just before dinner, BGL was 8.3…that’s a bit high!

Had dim sims in soy sauce for dinner…with a caramel latte.

Tried to sit up and do some stuff, but at 9.00 pm succumbed to weariness so went to bed.

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