What a day to be bedridden…

Finally hit the hay at 3.00am, damn non-drowsy cold and flu medication!! Slept for 3 hours and then was up bright as a button. Had breakfast and BGL was 5.0. At least that was good.

Got the worst cold I have had for a few years. Worked on outstanding work like the nomination for Everyday Hero award through QPCU; my assignment in relation to introducing a new system into an organisation, and other plans with next weekend.

My fundraising with Diabetes Qld was a bit of a let down, but when I take into consideration optimistic bias, budget fallacy and other similar factors, the conclusion is its early days yet!

After a couple of hours up, went back to bed and slept for another two hours, in time for lunch. Had nice chilli tuna, which cleared my head, and continued on with work.

Decided to make contact with the walking group in Caboolture that meets early on a Saturday morning and walks for about an hour. Wonder if any of them will donate to me?

I posted to Facebook about the request by some members for a through walk and decided that the Carnarvon Great Walk would be a good goal. Now to work on a training timetable to ensure all interested parties are well prepared for the walk. Interest looks good based on the feedback.

So a fairly quiet day came to an end after a dinner of chicken, rice and thai curry sauce.

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