#GavinsWaterBottle Adventure 2

Gavin was awake early and packed me up with his fundraising pack. He didn’t look too good, looks like a cold has gotten hold of him.

After a BGL of 5.0 and usual breakfast, it was into the car and we were off on another adventure. Gavin drove to a street near Suncorp Stadium and parked the car. He then walked to the Forecourt of Suncorp Stadium and waited. Desley arrived and we were off. No others had turned up.

We walked up Given Terrace, though the shops of Paddington, admiring the architecture. Given Terrace ascended to Latrobe Terrace which was then followed on a further ascent to Anzac Park and a really steep pathway up to Enoggera Terrace. Enoggera Terrace was followed along the top of a ridge to Musgrave Road. There were good views each side except for the haze.

Upon reaching Musgrave Road, turned right and walked to St Brigids Cathedral. Photos were taken of the view, with Flinders Peak just visible. This peak is on the list of walks for fundraising.

From St Brigids continued along Musgrave Road to Hale Street, and the walked down Hale Street t Suncorp Stadium. The walk was 4 km and Gavin has clocked up 7.85 km for fundraising. 392.15 fundraising km to go!

Gavin then drove home after dropping Desley off at the Ashgrove Coles, and on getting home, his cold really took hold and he went to bed.


This cold has got a good hold on me…sleep a little, wake some, hot drinks, minimal eating. Must soldier on.

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