New Month – More discipline for my health

As it was the first of the month and having had a bad nights sleep all 3 hours and 45 minutes, took my BGL which was 5.0, a good level. I then measured myself with the following results:
Weight: 102.3 kg
BMI: 28.9
Body fat: 25.1%
Waist: 118 cm
Hips:115.5 cm
Neck: 39 cm

For breakfast, had my usual Uncle Tobys Quick Oats, Soy Milk and a long black a total of 28g Carbohydrates.

Once ready to leave for work I had to make sure I had everything for the first fundraising walk. I then walked 1.4 km to the bus stop with a pace of 10 min 11 sec/km. I then transferred from the bus to the train and on arrival at Central walked the 1.7 km to work at a pace or 7 min 53 sec/km. I think the distance is spurious due to the GPS being carried inside buildings, like through the Wintergarden.

Having arrived at work it was on for another day, except Jamie suggested an early coffee…why not!

Then into work. But my mind was a bit distracted with the impending lunch-time walk. I then made up some cards and a collection sheet to record the fundraising, and thought to send to Charlotte in case I overstepped the mark with the paperwork.

I did BGL before the walk – 3.6- below normal range.

The walk had one other attendee, Desley Pedrazzini and walked 3.8 km from Brisbane Square, over the Victoria Bridge, through Southbank to the Queensland Maritime Museum, then over the Goodwill Bridge, through QUT to William Street and back to Brisbane Square.

Returned to work and BGL was 3.7 and had tuna and Vita-Weats for lunch.

At the end of the day walked 1.7km to Roma Street station then caught the train and bus home to meet Sue at the local fish and chip shop – Want the Food (WTF).

That night was restless as I came down with a cold.

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