Thursday 31st March 2016

Usual work day. On the way to the bus, checked the Go Card and it was $0.50 in the red. Got online and topped up the card, but when I went to “touch on” on the bus, it said insufficient funds. The bus driver marked me as extra passenger, and when I tried it again at Narangba train station, it accepted the touch. Phew!

Realised that I hadn’t set up the Facebook event for Friday’s Brisbane CBD walk. Also needed a banner reflecting my intentions for these events. Constructed an appropriate one and looks awesome.

After posting the event on Facebook, waited for the responses, and they came in. Looks like I will have a bit of a group tomorrow! Can’t wait.

The rest of the day was a normal day for work, with a couple of files completed and one for tomorrow.

I must add however, congratulations to Rahul in his ascendancy to Manager of our area! Celebrated with coffee and free pretzel from Toby’s Estate.

Stuffed around getting home and caught the later bus. Bit cooler anyway! Getting dark now to get home. Luckily I have a torch.

At home, noticed a post from SEQ Catchments requesting assistance to locate Dutchman’s Pipe and invasive weed which is reducing the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. This post was converted into a email and sent to clubs.

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