Wednesday 30th March 2016

BGL was 5.8. Usual work day, with the bonus of pay day!

Paid outstanding bills and registered for the Great Ocean Road Walk. Then finalised my fundraising and training plan which included club walks, Friday lunchtime walks, and SEQInstapeaksForDiabetes.

Having decided on this program GORW2016 Fundraising Timetable the first event a walk to St Brigids Catholic Church on top of one of the lesser hills in Brisbane at Red Hill on Saturday 02/04/2016, meeting in the forecourt of Suncorp Stadium and doing a circuit walk of 3.7 km.

Hope the idea for fundraising works. I seem to have enough variety in the chosen peaks that I will have wins and losses. I can track the fundraising to provide better targeting.
The rest of the day was a fairly normal day.

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