Tuesday 29th March 2016

Back to work today. After losing a pair of trousers etc. last week on the train, luckily I found another pair of trousers.

The BGL this morning was 5.4…seems I am better off camping after all.

Started receiving the list of bills due in the next fortnight pay cycle, and I think I can get the $300 registration to Diabetes Qld tomorrow.

Then I start my fund-raising planning…for instameets on peaks and hills around Brisbane. The #SEQInstapeaksForDiabetes … sounds cool . Will run it by Charlotte with my plan.

Contacted by Ian Brown, ex-NSW NPS anger about remote camping in national parks in Qld. He can’t understand how the permit system works and how you can camp anywhere remote when you have to nominate the location of the camp in a designated campground. Food for thought with the impending MOU update.

Also contacted the newly formed Brisbane Valley Rail Users Group to gain a relationship with Bushwalking Queensland Inc. They never thought about that angle and need discussion about how we approach this.

Apart from this it was a quiet day at work with most people off due to school holidays.

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