Monday 28th March 2016 (Easter Monday)

Gavin’s BGL was 5.1! Great!

Gavin, Stacey and Gemma left at 9.00am in the car and went to Kinbombi Falls. The walk consisted on concrete steps down to the bottom below the falls. After a look around it was back up the stairs to nearly the top and then along a walking track along the top of the gorge to Smiths Steps which descended a razorback ridge to the middle of the gorge.


Gavin was talking about planning an expedition to see if it was possible to walk along the gorge between the sets of steps. After this returned to camp and packed up!

Finally departed for home at 1.30 pm and Gavin intended to drive via Nanango, and Blackbutt but could remember if there were Caltex or Shell Service Stations in Nanango, so decided to travel via Gympie (fingers crossed for the Bruce Highway!). The trip down the Wide Bay Highway was quite good with the traffic, but more than normal…this could be a BAD idea. It took ten minutes to turn right onto the Bruce Highway, with a large amount of traffic going both directions. EEEK! The traffic flowed well going into Gympie and most of it disappeared as we stopped for fuel, and then made our way through Gympie.
Then we reached the Cooroy roadworks, 80 zone at a 30 kmh crawl….It’s going to be a long drive!!

After the Cooroy roadworks, and getting onto the dual carriageway, the traffic opened up and flowed well. Upon reaching the Landsborough turn-off on the Steve Irwin Way, turned off to travel through to Caboolture and this was a great run.

Upon getting home heard on the radio about major hold-ops on the Bruce Highway and Steve Irwin Way, boy were we lucky.

So home at last!!!

Then it was unpack, dinner, unpack some more, find washing, and then bed!

Thus was the end of my first Easter adventure as #GavinsWaterBottle.

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