Sunday 27th March 2016 (Easter Sunday)

A bit bleak today with the sun trying to shine though the clouds. A least it will be a lot cooler. Gavin’s BGL is 7.3, but that was after his last mouthful of porridge! He is allowed to go up to 7.8, so this is good! Looks like Gavin is ready to hit the trail again! And this could be an interesting day!

We drove to the Mount Clara Smelter, dodging a flock of turkeys on the way! They must be celebrating because its Easter! At the Mount Clara Smelter had a look at the history when it operated from 1875 to 1877, and the remaining parts of the smelter including the impressive chimney.

From here we descended into Fat Hen Creek, and as we entered the rain came down. The rock slabs in the creek were interesting, with dark rock with bands of quartz but warped and bent into interesting lines and curves, with a later fracturing producing straight lines of quartz. After just over a kilometre in the creek Peterson Road was met and we left the creek, and turned right to follow Peterson Road further.

By this time the rain had been relentless and Gavin was soaked through! Luckily I am a water bottle, I can take this!

We ascended Peterson Road until all of a sudden the forest gave way to grass trees being the dominant vegetation, and all the hills around were the same. Spectacular! We then came to a track where the power lines came from nowhere and took a sharp right. Following track up and then came across a tailings dump and a number of excavations including the mine adit, which has collapsed in. Following the road further it looped around the summit of Mount Clara, with an unusual volcanic peak off from the summit.
Back to the mine area and had morning tea, as best as possible given the rain!
Then it was follow the roads back to the car, get a group bedraggled photo and head back to a dry camp.

Back at camp, Gavin put me down in the shade…I am not going to dry off here!
Later, Andy came round to see if Gavin would like to go for a drive to further explore the area. ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!! We first drove down Sawpit Road until we came to a closed gate, but the road continued, even though it was grass covered. So we turned around.
Then we drove out to the Wide Bay Highway and turned right and then after a short while turned right into Sinai Road. This road is shown on maps to continue on to where we had walked the previous day. After 4 km, there was two gates, on with a house and 350 on the gate, the other a Kilkivan Shire registered gate indicating the road continued, but it was overgrown. On the way in Gavin noticed a Forestry sign with a grid…what an invitation, so Andy decided to drive in and see where this road may lead. At every intersection Andy decided to continue the ascent till we met trail bike riders who had ridden up for mobile phone access. What a view back over the Fat Hen Creek valley and beyond to the Coast Range and the South Burnett.

We returned to camp for a rest, fivesies, dinner and campfire…and I had dried out!

Gavin seems to be travelling well on his enforced fast off his PTSD meds!

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