Saturday 26th March (Easter Saturday)

Gemma’s birthday! Happy 14th to the middle daughter! Hope you have great day! I am not happy as I left my PTSD medication at home!…Hope I last the distance! My BGL was 5.1, good start to the strenuous day.

Gathered at 8.45am and had the “coroners photo” and three decided to drive to Range Road. The others walked the 2.8 km to Range Road along Rossmore Road. The country although green was showing early signs of drought. Just enough rain to keep the pasture green, but no water in creeks and waterholes. The day was also warming up. Can’t wait to get into the forest of Oakview National Park!

Range Road ascended quickly from farmland to the top of a ridge and then ascended further. In1 km we had gained 100m. At this point Gavin was slowing down..the heat across the open farmland was sapping! Gavin took a BGL – 4.5 – its on its way down…he needs to be careful or go below 3.9! After a rest, a drink and a pee (why don’t these humans just tip the water onto the grass – cut out the middle man!), it was more climbing and the higher we gained the better the views became. After another 1 km we entered the forest of Oakview National Park, which was forest with hoop pine, Qld Bottle Trees, prickly pears, and other species from Central Queensland. As we ascended further to gain the 500m for the main part of the walk, the forest gradually gave over to pink bloodwood, grey gum, bloodwood, with a silver wattle understory. The colour contrast of the trunks was amazing! Any wonder artists come out tis time of the year to paint the eucalypts.

Had morning tea stop in the shade and was given to Gavin’s eldest daughter Stacey for her to have a drink. This walk is thirsty work, I am glad to be a major part of it! The walk then undulated along the top of the ridge as we headed out to Mount Sinai. As we passed a blue gate, it was noticed “Hanging Rock”, a large rock bolted to two metal strips which were attached to a wooden sign.

This produced much speculation and a short time later we made it the vicinity of Mount Sinai. Andy went off to find the summit, but reported the top was covered in lantana, and had limited views! So we stopped and had lunch. Gavin refilled me from the two other 1.4 litre water bottles from his pack (Hello!) and then gave me to Stacey for a drink. At least I was replenished. Gavin’s BGL was 3.9! I could feel he was starting to struggle but as he said, it is mostly downhill for the return, which was welcome in this heat!

Then Gavin realised…he had left my now good friend, his walking stick, beside the track somewhere. Oh I felt for that walking stick, having been left behind myself previously, and he has left clothes on the train, left his PTSD medication at home! Are my days really numbered?. Hope he finds it. After a long walk which seemed forever, Gavin found the area where the walking stick was left, and there it was! Oh joy, oh bliss – no more stressing out – unless he leaves something else behind.

After the descent through the farmland a caravan was found with lots of shade – rest stop. Water was being exchanged from people that had too much for those, including Gavin who had run out! I was famished! It was good to be refilled again!

Then off we went on the last leg back to Kilkivan Bush Camping. The walk total was 21.8 km! Another successful walk! And Gavin burned 7500 kJ! He had taken in about 4000kJ of his recommended 6000kJ a day!

Gavin’s recovery was the worst I had seen! Looks like the heat has taken its toll, with a bit of dehydration and his BGL was low. However after an hour to two, Gavin came good and had burritos to celebrate Gemma’s birthday. PHEW!

We had a slight shower of rain that night, but the caravan is good!

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