Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday)


Gavin was up early after a night in the caravan so the glue will definitely be set for the road. Gavin unpacked and repacked the caravan, and retrieved other items to go away with from the back sheds.

He had breakfast and then back to further setting up the van for the road. Got the kids mobile and to pack their bags. Something was missing! Oh crap! We need the hitch to tow the caravan with. gavin dived into the back shed and found it, then put it on the car, and finally at 10.30, we hit the road. The traffic was fairly quiet going through Deception Bay, but upon reaching the Bruce Highway, what a car park!

It was decided instead to tackle Morayfield Road, and onto Beerburrum Road, and then Steve Irwin Way. Lot of traffic but keeping to the speed limit. It driver in front is spending more time talking to his rear passengers than keeping his eyes on the road! An accident waiting to happen! The car all of a sudden went off the road to the left and did a donut on the gravel verge and good reactions by Gavin as it looked ike control was lost and the car was coming out on to the road in front. But it stopped!!! Then the Bruce Highway was entered at Mooloolah and there was a free flow of the traffic. Decision justified! Then the girls decided it was time for a feed as they hadn’t had breakfast. Gavin had nearly drunk me dry! Luckily just up the road at Mons was a Driver Reviver at the BP Service Station. Returning to the car with drinks and sausage rolls, it was onward to Kilkivan.

The Bruce Highway traffic was free flowing but in clumps, with some people driving at 80 in the 110 zone! Which was fine until the Cooroy Roadworks where the highway is now on the new lanes while they rip up the old road and replace it with the new southbound lanes on the dual carriageway.

Having negotiated this, and passed through Gympie with no more problems, it was turn left at Curra onto the Wide Bay Highway and no traffic. About half an hour later we arrived at Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park, selected our site, set the van up, hooked up the power and we were set. The van had come through the trip unscathed, so we are ready for more adventures! having no service here, Gavin put his phone in airplane mode. No checking Facebook, Twitter or uploading these blogs. Sorry for the delay in updates people!
We went and sought out the rest of the two groups joining us, some from the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club, Gavin’s club and some from Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland. As we had arrived at the designated time to for the walk, they were left to go while we settled in. I was placed in the backpack ready to go tomorrow.

At 5.00pm it was time for fivesies at Mal Dorricott’s camper trailer with much mirth and socialising.

Then Gavin went off to bed for a good nights sleep.

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