23rd March 2016

BGL 4.3!! Tad low, feeling a bit of a cold coming. Need to monitor as the day goes. Being a work day in I went. On arrival at work, received an email from my bank QPCU about their Everyday Hero Awards. I think I fit the criteria given my recent involvement with Diabetes Qld, facilitating the relationship, and providing expertise to host a challenge trek.

Contacted Diabetes Qld and they are fully supportive of the nomination and require to review what I will submit for the nomination. The $1000 award to the recipient and $100 to the charity of the recipient’s choice is enough motivation for me!

Ordinary day at work, nonetheless, completed one outstanding file and sorted out the update of our new work IT system, and converted some files over. About another 600 to go!

At 4.00 pm was not worth starting something new so went home. Packed up all the clothes to bring home to wash. and put them in a black Coles shopping bag. Boarded the train and put the black shopping bag under the seat with my man-bag and backpack. On arrival at Narangba, stood up collected the backpack and man-bag. When I finally made it to home, Sue asked me where my work clothes were, and I went white…left on the train.

Promptly went to the Queensland Rail Lost Property site and filled in the form. Response from QR with an email:

Reference No. BoOmgW.

Dear Gavin,

Thank you for contacting Queensland Rail. Your enquiry has been submitted.

Please use Reference No: BoOmgW for follow-up enquiries.

Please be aware, it may take several days from the time the item of lost property is found to its arrival at the Lost Property Office.

If you wish to contact the Lost Property Office, please call 13 16 17 during business hours, 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Now I sit and wait.

Anyway, when I got home I had a letter from my college, finally, with the forms to request transfer to Diploma of Leadership and Management with the new timetable. About time. Now I know what I have to do.  All the study dates are added to my calendar and lo and behold a week break fits the Great Ocean Walk 2016. You bewdy!

Its now time to go down to the caravan and sort out wha tis needed for Easter and what we will leave at home.  After twenty minutes ferrying stuff, covered in sweat, decided to leave it till morning!

Bit of TV, social media and bed!  Good night…

After an hour of lying in bed started to ache in the chest region and got really sniffly. Damn forgot to take the Sudafed. Got up, took the Sudafed and then watched a bit of TV for the drug to take hold…and boy did it take hold!


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