Thursday 24th March 2016

Day off fix the caravan!


After Sue had come back from the school run, it was down to Bunnings and get a length of Tasmanian oak (2.4x40x18),two lengths of Tasmanian oak (2.4x12x5), maxi nails, and a glue gun.  Also thought to get rubber stoppers for the caravan door when I reinstall it.

Getting back home commenced trimming the timber, while waiting for Andy to come over and give me a hand (qualified shipwright, what could go wrong?) Then it was time to cut the plywood from the 2440 length to 2120.  Champion job with the saw cutting the melamine coating!

Getting the plywood into the caravan was no mean feat, but succeeded in the end. Then it re-install beading and other fittings to the roof and it looked a million dollars.  Just needed propping for the glue to dry.


Due to the propping and the need to allow 8 hours for the glue to dry, spent the night in the caravan to give it maximum chance.

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