Monday 21st March 2016

Work day to start the week.  Brought in all the clothes I need for the week. We will see how it goes!

The BGL for the morning was 5.3. Great! Feeling a bit sniffly…no… not the cold again!

The weather was cloudy and a few showers about.

Received a phone call that the plywood for the caravan had been delivered.  Need to take Thursday off to install the plywood before going away at Easter.

Completed the BWQ President’s Circular and sent it to Desley for forwarding to clubs.  Need to look at communication with clubs. The Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club newsletter was also distributed.

Charlotte asked me to give her a recommendation on LinkedIn, which I obliged.  I am also thinking of seeing if Charlotte could use her talent to create a logo for BWQ.

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