Sunday 20th March 2016 – BWQ Bush Bash

A good five and a half hours sleep! Being picked up by Andy at 8.30 am, is everything ready to go. BGL is 4.8, good for aa party, I can allow some extra sugar in without much trouble. Had my usual breakfast, packed up the gear to take, got dressed in bushwalking attire and waited for Andy! This is a normal bushwalk day, I have waited for Andy for every walk for 24 years – won’t change now. Good chance to enjoy my morning coffee.

Andy then arrives, had up the car and head off to the Ashgrove library for the Bush Bash. On arrival, first ones there, so sit on the verandah and check for the day, and also check for last minute emails. Then the rest start arriving, so go in and set up tables seats and the like and have a cup of coffee.

Once all had arrived and there seemed to be no-one else, I started proceedings with a discussion about where Bushwalking Queensland is placed and where ii is seen to be going and were the members happy with this direction. I am so proud to be given the thumbs up as the change of direction has been needed, and finally the organisation has a purpose!
BGL at lunch showed me all on track with a 5.2!

The day finished around 2.00 pm and so after cleaning and packing went home. Arriving home, Sue had yet to arrive home from her mother’s so i proceeded to write up the days proceedings and incorporate it into the BWQ Presidents Circular.

With the BWQ President Circular and TV watching, I suddenly realised that I need to iron my work clothes. How many days am I working this week – 3. OK find trousers and 3 shirts. The ironing did not seem to take as long as it usually does, have I done it all? Looks like I have!

Ironing done, dishwashing done…off to bed at 11.00pm. Another sticky night by the feel.

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