Thursday 17th March 2016 (St Patricks Day)

Top of the morning to all!
Diabetes: BGL 5.1 …. going well
Another work day 😦
Posted on Facebook this morning my desire to do the Great Ocean Road Walk in September and the constraints I am facing to chase my passion. Will see what transpires!
Newsletter being finalised. Should be out by Friday.
Desley has sent through the list of to-dos for the Bush Bash Party on Sunday 20/03/2016. Reminded me to find the DGAP calendar being offered as a door prize, luckily it was right where I left it when I brought it back from Melbourne in November. Looking forward to this gathering of bushwalking clubs and their members to officially open the bushwalking season (which is really redundant because you can walk in Queensland anytime of the year!
Now to put together my presentations on various topics.
Meeting date to be confirmed with my first meeting in the role of Vice-President.

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