Wednesday 16 March 2016

Weather is fine and sunny. Expected to be hot. Afternoon storms about through. Got a tad wet getting to Central Station!
Diabetes: Not tested in the morning, as I feel great. The recent illness may have been stress related as I debriefed myself over the running of the event over the weekend, and a great weight came off my shoulders.
Went to work today.
Newsletter nearing completion. Just need to work out cut off walk. Returned the first aid kit, PLB, UHF and badge invoice to Andy, and the missing BWQ bank statements. Discussed the two main walks for Easter and can now finally publish the long awaited newsletter. The walks go into Oakview National Park, which it seems no club has ventured.
Thinking of doing up certificates – one for Charlotte for the work over the last twelve months and the coffee (maybe also a bunch of flowers), and one for Michelle TRUTE, CEO, for the opportunity to be involved in fundraising and the fact the success of the Border Track Trek is finally giving a better direction for BWQ. Andy agrees with the idea. Charlotte said that Michelle is too busy, but Tanya, being the Fundraising Officer would be available. Sometime next week is pencilled in. Charlotte to advise.
Might do up a quick survey, perhaps on survey monkey to get feedback about the trek for future reference. Also considering my position on registering for the Great Ocean Road Walk in September. I’ll need to consult with Sue.
Desley has decided to cancel tomorrow night’s meeting as her mother’s funeral was today. Will handle organising the Bush Bash Party via email and SMS.
The impending meeting is to be decided but I must get Qld’s material together, possibly base it on the discussion points at the Bush Bash Party.
Deferred till 13th April…Phew!!!

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