Sunday 13 March 2016

Weather: Cloudy with showers about. Lots of really dark clouds.
Diabetes: Good level – 4.8


Border Track Trek

It was pack up day and as Allana was sore, I gave assistance in packing up the wet gear. I then went up to O’Reilly’s to see if any assistance was needed by Charlotte in packing up and finalising things before their departure.

We visited Gran O’Reilly’s store and three mountain rosellas had taken up residence in the shop waiting for someone to buy the bird feed! After the goodbyes with Charlotte and Allana, went back to camp and enjoyed the serenity as people vacated the campground which was full the previous night.

I nearly got my tent dry before Sue arrived and a school group moved in and took over the campground! Upon Sue’s arrival, put everything in the car and then drove up to the car park for a picnic lunch. Down came the rain…Off we went to find a dry picnic area. Found it in the Hungry Jacks at Meadowbrook, and then headed home.

On arrival at home there was copious amount of blue sky, dry roads, and just perfect to dry out.

Caught up on emails, etc. and hit the hay at 12.30am.

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