Friday 11 March 2016

Weather: Cloudy with showers about. Lots of really dark clouds.
Diabetes: Good level – 5.4
Today is the day…. Hope is all well at Charlotte’s end!
Border Track Trek
Driven up to O’Reilly’s by Sue who dropped me off at 12.00 pm. The weather was very humid, hot and no rain around, considering large showers were encountered on the way. Unloaded the car, said my farewells – with kisses and cuddles, for sure! Set up camp and then waited for Charlotte’s arrival.
Hope this new tent will hold out.
Chance to check emails and fend off any problems. Visited the rangers at the QPWS office – track is muddy in patches and a leech was picked up. Track however is cleared of vegetation etc. and good to go. Charlotte and Allana finally arrive after not realising the length of time to drive up from Canungra!

SMS from Sue that she had made it down to Canungra! PHEW!

As I was setting up camp, found out the new batteries for the torch was not the problem with the torch, so off to Gran O’Reilly’s Store to see what I could get as a replacement. Found an O’Reilly’s torch and was set!

Helped Charlotte and Allana set up their camp while deciding how much room the other tent would need, and which way to orient their tent without having a step out of the tent.

John Marshall, Vice-President, arrived and after the camp was set up went for a walk up to O’reilly’s to kick off the event. Then the four of us went to the Tree Top Walk. The walk along the Booyong walk was nice on the boardwalk. Upon starting the Tree Top Walk, Charlotte then mentioned of her fear of heights. With coaxing from the rest of us she made it to the large fig tree with ladders to the top of the tree, 34 metres above ground. Then Allana was keen to go up the ladders, and I was equally keen. Charlotte decided to give it a go too. So up we went. Steel ladder with cage, couldn’t feel safer until the ladder started to wobble. Felt like I was back on ship, but Charlotte’s reluctance grew and her determination also equally grew to get up it. Allana and I climbed this ladder to the first platform then noticed the near vertical ladder to the top platform. So up we went! The tree has grow around the top so views are limited through the canopy, but good to be with the birds!
Charlotte made it to the first platform and then seeing what she had come up, decided that was the limit of it. She returned down and then Allana and I came down. Good on Charlotte for getting that far!!! As I was coming down, my water bottle slipped out of my hand and fell about 20m to the ground below. Will worry about that later! Walked out and returned to O’Reilly’s to meet others that may have arrived and prepare dinner and wait for the other campers, Karen and Ellie, to arrive.

Having seen the long drop toilets, Charlotte and Allana decided to go to O’Reilly’s for the toilet and also to greet the arrivals. I had a noodles dinner and then went and met up with John at the O’Reilly’s bar. He was staying overnight before heading to Brisbane in the morning.

After joining Charlotte and Allana, I helped John polish off the scrummy pizza, then we all said our good nights and went to bed. Everyone who was expected had arrived and I saw the relief on Charlotte’s face. I am in hope that tomorrow comes off as I will head down my depressed path again if it all goes pear shaped!

On arrival at the campground, Karen and Ellie had arrived, so helped them set up their OzTent and then went to bed.

Aaah the self-inflaming mattress….go to get used to you! Not like my bamboo mattress at home! But a nice starry night 🙂

Bush Bash Party
Desley contacted me and notified that her mother had passed away that morning. Will deal with this next week!

Turn off about the club until I get home….

Turn off until Monday

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