Thursday 03 March 2016

Weather: Cloudy with some showers about.
Diabetes: My blood glucose level (BGL) was 5.1 prior to breakfast. Didn’t do any further BGL checks as I felt wonderful.
Another usual day in the office. Been allocated a locker and now to sort out myself in preparation for the change to the Moreton Bay Rail Link and my commute. Managed to complete 2 cases and major amendments to the process manual.
Border Track Trek
Progressing well, just have to now forward the insurance policy documents and then the group activity permit will be posted. Need to make up sign in sheets for the various walks available so the leaders know who did what walk. Looking forward to it. I need to hire a car to get there as all other options have dried up. Also I need to go shopping for afternoon tea on Friday 11/03/2016.
Practice Walk
I am planning on doing a 24 km walk on Sunday at Raven Street Reserve and Chermside Hills in the form of three circuits, with the middle circuit going the opposite direction for variety. Different tracks will also be walked to change it up. This is in preparation for the Border Track to ensure the legs are ready.
Ordered badges for the office holders of Bushwalking Qld Inc. and now awaiting for the samples to scrutinise.
Mount McLean and Branch Creek Walk
Compiled the information for this walk to be held on 06/03/2016 and created a newsletter for distribution. Contacted by Moreton Bay Regional Council with list of interested parties to join for the walk.
Heart Week Walk
Contacted by Sunshine Coast Regional Council regarding holding a Heart Week walk on 08/05/2016. Decided to base the walk on Trachyte Circuit with a variety of lengths to match preferences of visitors.
I am also in the process of getting invites out to VIPs to attend the Deception Bay Girl Guides Support Group AGM on 16th March 2016, as well as other requirements for the AGM, being the Secretary.

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