Wednesday 30th March 2016

BGL was 5.8. Usual work day, with the bonus of pay day! Paid outstanding bills and registered for the Great Ocean Road Walk. Then finalised my fundraising and training plan which included club walks, Friday lunchtime walks, and SEQInstapeaksForDiabetes. Having decided on this program GORW2016 Fundraising Timetable the first event a walk to St Brigids Catholic Church … Continue reading Wednesday 30th March 2016

Monday 28th March 2016 (Easter Monday)

Gavin’s BGL was 5.1! Great! Gavin, Stacey and Gemma left at 9.00am in the car and went to Kinbombi Falls. The walk consisted on concrete steps down to the bottom below the falls. After a look around it was back up the stairs to nearly the top and then along a walking track along the … Continue reading Monday 28th March 2016 (Easter Monday)

Saturday 26th March (Easter Saturday)

Gemma’s birthday! Happy 14th to the middle daughter! Hope you have great day! I am not happy as I left my PTSD medication at home!…Hope I last the distance! My BGL was 5.1, good start to the strenuous day. Gathered at 8.45am and had the “coroners photo” and three decided to drive to Range Road. … Continue reading Saturday 26th March (Easter Saturday)

Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday)

Gavin was up early after a night in the caravan so the glue will definitely be set for the road. Gavin unpacked and repacked the caravan, and retrieved other items to go away with from the back sheds. He had breakfast and then back to further setting up the van for the road. Got the … Continue reading Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday)